Unita is a brand founded by cosmetic chemists that brings together creativity and scientific innovation to create sustainable and functional skin care products. Through the utilization of by-products from other industries, we apply a circular economy model in the production of cosmetics . In this way, we encourage responsible consumption and give you the opportunity to enjoy healthy and radiant skin.

We source most of our ingredients from farmers and producers in Bulgaria. This is how we guarantee high quality, ethical practices and reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Our history

Our story is about a female duo of chemical engineers who are united by friendship, an obsession with beauty products and a healthy dose of idealism for a better future.

The idea for Unita came while we were working in the cosmetics industry and noticed a problem with the growing demand for natural products. Natural resources are NOT unlimited and their extraction can be detrimental to the environment and biodiversity. This gave our entrepreneurial hearts a mission to find a solution.

Luckily, we happened to live in the perfect place. Fertile soils and agricultural traditions in Bulgaria lead to a developed production of food and beverages. However, these industries generate huge amounts of valuable by-products that are either thrown away or not fully utilized - and thus Unita was born .

We've found a way to turn valuable 'waste' into effective, luxurious and sustainable skin care.

Our key ingredient- Plum Nut Oil

Our key ingredient in each product is the valuable vegetable oil from Blue Plum , which we extract from a picturesque village near the city of Troyan.

It is extracted from the seeds of the pits of plums, which are a by-product in the production of dried fruits and alcoholic beverages . In order to preserve all the valuable components, our oil is extracted using the cold pressing method.

The main fatty acids in its composition are oleic and linoleic. They are of particular importance for human tissues and a complete diet . It also contains a natural mix of tocopherols (vitamin E) that fight oxidative stress . Plum oil is NON-DRYING , which means that it does not oxidize quickly in contact with air and is non-comedogenic .

A real pleasure to use because it absorbs quickly, leaves the skin soft and has a light aroma with notes of almonds and marzipan.